NextGen Apartments, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, specializes in the development of high quality affordable multi-family residential properties. NextGen is dedicated to providing a superior living experience for those who choose rental living. The company prides itself on paying close attention to values, innovation, standards and service. And with its commitment to craftsmanship, every customer can be confident in the quality of his or her apartment.

The team at NextGen has a great passion for innovation and hard work. They understand that quality housing begins with lasting partnerships and work tirelessly to ensure the success of every project. With a more than 500 units available for rent and 750 coming online in the next 2 years, NextGen is bound to have a solution for your housing needs.


NextGen Apartments is a quality builder of affordable apartments.  Our founding principles are values of quality, honesty, fair pricing, and high ethical standards. The apartment product is very livable with high ceilings, room to move around, quality clubhouse and facilities.  For an excellent lifestyle, discerning people will want to choose NextGen apartments.

NextGen uses the most modern and advanced leasing and marketing methods to fill apartment projects that are available on the market today.   The market is specifically targeted using all the latest tools and technology.  The leasing agents on site are well educated on the product, the market area and the demographics.

NextGen management has a record of keeping tenants happy and renewing many of the leases.  Financial records are extensive and accurate.  The facilities and the property in general are kept in excellent working order.

NextGen is a developer of quality apartments for the every person.  With experience we have developed a model project that can fit into most markets.

NextGen does extensive research to find the right locations for their projects.  Demographics, costs, infrastructure, zoning, municipal process, and entitlement are some of the factors taken into consideration before deciding on a project location.

NextGen provides an extensive financial model for each and every project.  Investors can be assured that all factors are included in the financial model of a project.

NextGen does a thorough investigation of existing utilities, drainage and other factors that is required before a commitment is made to a project.   The most advanced technical tools are used to complete an infrastructure analysis.

NextGen has a construction company with the experience necessary to execute the construction of the plans and specifications of the project with quality, speed and accuracy.  NextGen Construction also uses the most advanced technology possible to keep track of all construction issues.