A Disciplined Approach

Our Investment Philosophy

Establishing a solid foundation in reality, maintaining a long-term perspective, and adhearing consistently to our approach, is critical to achieving sustained success in the real estate market. This philosophy has produced an impressive set of assets for NextGen, with appreciating value and exceptional returns.

The NextGen Approach

Our Distinctive Strategy

NextGen maintains a deliberate approach in business, paired with swift and opportunistic action when favorable opportunities arise. Simultaneously, we exercise the patience required to wait for those prospects when necessary to ensure sound investments. In evaluating opportunities, our goal is to foster long-term success for investors by prioritizing sustainable growth over short-term, transient gains.

Capabilities and Statistics

NextGen Investment Facts

Properties strategically held throughout the Southwest

Over $500M in developed multifamily units

Vertically integrated analysis, development, asset management and holding capabilities

Typical investment between $10M-$100M

NextGen’s co-invest is twice the industry standard Operating with ample liquidity, low leverage, strong margins and stable cash flow.

Ground Up Developments & Acquisitions

NextGen Future

To date, our core focus has been creating successful developments from the ground up, providing generational wealth to our investors for years to come. We remain committed to this strategy as we move forward, while also venturing into opportunistic real estate acquisitions to further enhance our portfolio.